Accessing Digital Collection Materials

Your library may provide digital collections that you can search in the same way that you search for other materials, then access the digital materials online. Materials in the digital collections may include images, video clips, sound files, and text files. If you want to limit your search results to digital collection materials, select Digital Collection in the Limit by box when you set up your search.

In your search results, the digital collection icon identifies digital collection materials. If the material is a single image, you see a small version of the image and a Full size image link in the title information.

Click Full Description to view a bigger version of an image. Sound files and video clips are played on your computer’s default media viewer program.

Multiple items may be associated with one digital title. You can select the link Click here to see more digital content to see small versions of all the items, and click an item to see more information about each item. You can click any small image to see the full size version or play the sound file or video clip. Or click Full Description to see the multiple items associated with the Digital Content title.

The library may make some of its digital collection materials freely available, while restricting access to others.

Digital materials may be protected by copyright. Read copyright information carefully or contact your library for information about copyright restrictions.

More information:

Requesting access - Request access to restricted digital materials.

Purchasing access - Purchase access to digital materials.

Viewing previous purchases - View and download previous shopping cart items

Request access to restricted digital materials

When you click a digital item image, you may see a message telling you that you must log in. Follow these steps to log in to view restricted materials, and to request access if necessary.

1. Click OK on the message.

The log-in form is displayed.

2. Type your user name or barcode and your password, and click Log In.

The page returns to your search results. If you already have permission to access the item, you can click the item now. If you do not have access permission, the Request Access window opens.

The Request Access window notes the cost, if any, associated with the item. Once you have permission to access an item with a cost, you can purchase it if you wish. There is no cost associated with requesting permission to access the item.

3. Select the reason you are requesting the item.

4. (Optional) Type an explanatory note in the Additional information box.

5. Read the terms and click Yes, I agree.

6. If you clicked Yes, I agree, click Request Access. A message indicates that the request has been placed.

7. Click X in the corner of the window to close the window.

If your library record includes an e-mail address, you will receive a message when access has been granted. If the library has no e-mail address for you, you will be contacted by other means. When you have been granted access to the material, you can search for and access it through the library catalog.

Purchase access to digital materials

Certain digital materials in your search results may be available by purchasing access to them. You can add one or more items to an online shopping cart, then review your cart contents and pay for access to the items with a credit card. Follow these steps to purchase access to digital materials.

1. Log in to your library account.

2. Search for the digital collection materials.

3. In the search results display, click the add to cart link for the item you want to access.

The Add item to your shopping cart window opens.

4. Read the terms and click Yes, I agree.

5. Click Add to shopping cart. A message indicates that the item has been added.

6. Click X in the corner of the window to close the window.

Repeat steps 2-6 to continue to add items to the shopping cart.

7. To view your shopping cart, click click My shopping cart on the My Account menu.

The shopping cart page displays the items in your cart.

To delete an item from your cart, click the icon next to the item.

8. To pay for access to the items in your cart, click Proceed to Checkout.

The Shopping Cart Payment form is displayed. Information in the address fields is taken from the address recorded in your library account. If your credit card billing address is different, change the address in the address fields to match your billing address.

9. Supply the required information in the fields marked by an asterisk (*).

Unmarked fields are generally optional.

• If you want an e-mail receipt for your payment, supply an e-mail address.

• Your library may require a card security code for certain types of credit cards. Click Help by the Card Security Code box to locate this code on your credit card.

10. Click Next.

The Payment Verification form opens.

11. If the information is correct, click Submit Payment.

If you need to correct the information, click Previous to go back to the Payment form, then submit the payment again. When the payment is successfully submitted, a confirmation page is displayed.

You can now search for and access the items.

View and download previous shopping cart items

Follow these steps to view and download items from previous shopping cart transactions.

1. Click My Record on the My Account menu and log in.

2. Click My shopping cart on the My Account menu.

The Shopping cart page is displayed. It shows the current shopping cart contents, if any, and your previous transactions.

3. To see more information about a previous transaction, click the information icon by the transaction.

The transaction details (Contents of shopping cart) are displayed at the bottom of the page.

4. To download an item, click the file name link in the Contents of shopping cart section.

The copyright notice appears.

5. Click Yes, I agree, and click Download. Previewing and downloading instructions for your computer appear. Follow the instructions to preview or download the item.